Our History


Imperial Netball Club was founded in the 1950s under somewhat controversial circumstances by modern day standards. A small group of female workers at the old Imperial Tobacco Factory began to play netball during their breaks to try and get a bit of fresh air away from the smoky rooms where they rolled cigarettes for hours on end.

As the first sport of its kind to be dedicated to female players, the social element of netball as well as its fitness benefits meant that the group’s popularity quickly grew. It wasn’t long before 2 teams were established so games could be set up against each other.

In around 1985, the lunchtime activity was moved to an evening slot and a proper club was established at the Imperial Athletic Ground.



Imperial Athletic Ground, 1955

Originally only allowing company workers the chance to play, the club soon opened its doors to the public, enhancing membership even further. By this time, the club interacted socially with the cricket, rugby and football teams, so the atmosphere in the club house was always lively.

By the 1990s, Imperial Netball Club had 4 senior teams with one participating in the Fiscal League (equivalent to our Regional League) and a new junior contingent.



Sadly the Imperial Ground Pavilion was sold to the council in 2000, so the club became homeless. After several moves and seasons at various grounds, we found our new permanent base at the City Academy in 2007.

We are now proud to be an established Silver Credited CAPs Club and are currently looking to take on talented new club members and coaching staff to further the successes our alumni achieved. If you’d like to join us, all the information’s here.